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Exhibition Special Offers

Halloween Offers - It's treat time!

Forget ghosts and gouls and scary skeletons, we've got a real treat for you this Halloween. A whole bucketful of great offers at spookily low prices.

Plus all these offers include graphics printing too.


Impact Bundle £Finished

+ 550 micron pop-up pvc unlaminated graphics

The Impact Pop-Up bundle is a clever and quick to assemble display
stand. With wrap around graphics using magnetic bars, plus a whole range of accessories included in the price, this product has it all.

Special Offer 1
  • 3x3 and 3 x 4 curved frame,
    supplied with mag bars, hangers
    and kickers, and a 30m roll of
    magnetic tape
  • Kit also includes a Zeus case and
    hinged thermoformed beech
  • 2 x powerspot 950 halogen lights
    Self-locating neo magnet magnetic
    locking arms
  • Graphic height 2225mm approx
  • Zeus case suitable for carrying both
    frame sizes and set of graphic